Explore, Develop and Grow

Explore, Develop, Grow (EDG) is a weekly group providing a social connection for all people in caring roles within our community, linking them with information and services through regular topics and a participant driven approach to information provision.

EDG is a semi-structured group, encouraging input from participants into the activities and information provided by the group. The goal of EDG is to provide planned and purposeful activities, encouraging child centred engagement, role modelling appropriate parent/child interaction, supporting parents to set boundaries, and to supporting child cognitive development.

Focus is given to creating social supports and connectedness with other carers. Referrals are also available to partner organisations and other service providers within the catchment through contact with the TSC Support Worker who facilitates this group.


Over the past 12 months EDG activities have included:

  • Indoor activities include playdough, reading, memory match, blocks, colour-ins, shapes and numbers, toys, Healthy cooking and parenting workshops.
  • Outdoor activities include playground, chalk, bubbles, water play, games and painting.

Discussion topics

Over the past 12 months discussion topics have included:

  • School Holiday activity ideas.
  • Acceptance for disabilities throughout the years and the resources now available to parents.
  • Dietary requirements and activities for health and wellness.
  • Establishing boundaries, structure and routine, chores for age group, keeping chores fun and working as a team to build the family unity.
  • Education and putting strategies into place for communication between parent and teachers.
  • Communication within the family unit.
  • Resolving issues within the school environment.
  • How to help your child to develop by interacting in their play time, keep an open approach to learning and exploring new things around you.
  • Self-worth/image and how children see themselves very different and compare themselves to others especially when children talk about how they look.

Because EDG is participant led, if there is a topic or an activity that you would like to undertake in the group please let the facilitator know.

Explore, Develop, Grow is funded by the Queensland Government.

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