Support for Families

The Tully Support Centre (TSC) Family Support program understands that respectful, positive, targeted and individualised engagement is essential when supporting families through difficult times.

Support for Families

The TSC Family Support program begins by valuing and supporting families. The strengths-based case-management approach works with the family to:

  • identify and build on their strengths;
  • identify and create plans to achieve goals;
  • develop tools to better cope with situations;
  • link with other services and community; and
  • help your voice be heard.

Case-management is a road we walk together.

What is Case Management?

Case Management is a more intensive form of support, where you and your support worker will work through issues in your life. This could include helping to set a path for making changes in your life, finding housing, budgeting, parenting skills, undertaking study, or getting a new job.

This can also be helpful for people who have the desire to change or reach a goal but are unsure of how to get there.

The main steps in the case management process are:

  • Gathering information.
  • Identifying your desired outcomes.
  • Identifying your strengths.
  • Identifying your needs.
  • Identify the barriers to achieving your goals and managing risks.
  • Breaking the goals down into steps and time-frames.
  • Finally, a commitment to work together to achieve those goals .

We can come to you

You do not need to come into the TSC building to access family support. The TSC family support services regularly outreach to Cardwell, Mission Beach, Kurrimine Beach and all areas in between.

To make it easier for families to access support we are able to support you in your home where you and your children feel comfortable. This reduces the travel burden on families and reduces disruption to the routines of children.

If you would like to make an appointment or would like more information about how the Family Support program can help you and your family, please contact the TSC.

The TSC family Support program is funded by the Queensland Government.

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